Waiting for the Nunu to get in the car.

Nunu never seems to appreciate all the things everyone else could be doing besides wait half hour/forty-five minutes for someone to get in the car. Grrr.

Taking the hungry Buggaboos to the Chinese buffet for some sad, tired food. They have excellent sushi though.

Note my child trying to eat the car :/

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I want a cigarette.

Then 12 hours of sleep.  In that order.

Was up till all hours last night at Ulteria in New Haven then Mamoun’s for falafel with Ricky and Jay. The driving was long, the parking was cumbersome, and the walking was cold, slushy, and slippery.

There was a very lovely-looking woman in a short velvet spaghetti-strap dress and straight dark hair who looked familiar to me but couldn’t quite place why.  Probably I’d just seen her around at the bars. 

It wasn’t really Ricky’s scene but he danced exhuberantly anyway.  Mayone was also there’ she’d brought a coworker named Casey who looked beautiful in a black lace dress, but it also wasn’t her scene and she wished to make an early night of it so Mayone left with her.

in Mayone's Apt before the bar

Mayone & Casey

I was glad Ricky stayed the whole night at the bar then went to the Falafel house after, especially it was nice to have someone else in the car on the way home to make sure I did not start to get too drowsy.  The drive home from New Haven is always brutal at the end of the night.

When I got home the garbage man was there with his dog, Wiggles. The Nunu always says our dog Tuffy thinks Wiggles is very sexy.  I don’t know about that, but she certianly looked contented, investigating the driveways of the houses as he made his rounds, happily jumping back into the cab of the truck when it was time to move on.  Must be nice to work so early in the morning, when there are very few actual people around to bother you, even if your job is hauling garbage in freezing weather, amid two feet of snow encased in a shiny layer of ice.

Icy Snow
Icy Icy Snow

I came home and Slubs was up.  He was grumpy.  I let him know I’d put his channel on the tv if he went back to bed, and he happily agreed.  

Slubby at Tods Point

Slubby, age 4

 The Nunu was also up, the Peanut was asleep, and the dogs required letting in and out.  Eventually everyone was settled in to sleep.

Derek at Tods Point

Derek, age 6

I slept and slept.  It was glorious.  Only, Slubs woke up first and he kept asking me for things, or to wake up and take him places.  I kept telling him “ten more minutes” until he said “Mama, you been saying ten more minutes all day!” 

Family at The Doggie Jamboree

Tods Point

Lani and Family

Tods Point, Winter 2011

Then I got up.

Costco and the gym.  

Port Chester Shopping Center

Tree, 2011

 Steam room and shower, good stuff after a night at the bar.  Costco was sampling a coconut recovery water which is good for replenishing your system.

Bugga handoff, traumatic as usual.  On Friday my ex had snuck off with Derek’s jacket and sweatshirt.  So he had to wear some rediculously too-big clothes of mine, and I have to somehow make my peace with the fact that I’d procreated with a man who would take away a jacket and sweatshirt from his own offspring in February, just for the joy of upsetting me and/or making me look bad and/or costing me money, nevermind if the Peanut gets sick.   Buggas gone with their father till Wednesday.  I miss them and worry about them so much.

Church on Greenwich Ave, then Starbucks.  Why do people sit down next to you uninvited and start reading what you’re reading?  And why do they not take the hint when you tell them that you love to come to Starbucks to get away from the distractions at home?  And then get offended when you then say, please let me concentrate now?  I had to leave.  Home to bed and pajamas and my shows.  Contended to be home.


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